Coast Copper is a proud purveyor of top quality, hand-made, artisinal Copper products.

Each Coast Copper purchase comes with a guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, please contact us.

Coast Copper products are 100% Pure Copper (lab tested). Be aware of imitation Copper products, as there are a number of bottles on the market that look like Pure Copper Bottles but are actually a plated or coated metal. Although Coast Copper supports any buying decision you make, we want you to be aware of imitation Ayurvedic Copper Water Bottles as they may look good but they will not offer the same quality and benefits of a Coast Copper Pure Copper Bottle. Coast Copper products are lab tested regularly to ensure top quality is maintained. 

Please note, as our products are hand made, each item is unique and although similar, no two items will be the same. Minor blemishes may be present or occur. At Coast Copper, we embrace the uniqueness of each item, and consider this to be validation of the hand-made quality we are proud to offer our customers. 


Rinse your new bottle with warm clean tap water and mild or no detergent before first use and as-needed afterwards.

Not suitable for machine dishwashers and not microwave safe.

Coast Copper Water Bottles ARE NOT SUITABLE AND NOT SAFE FOR HOT LIQUIDS! Fresh, cool or room temperature tap water is best in your bottle.

Please note, that Copper can react with liquids or ingredients other than water. Acidic foods such as lemons, and other fruits are not recommended to be stored in your Coast Copper bottle. To enjoy infused Copper water, try using water stored in your Copper bottle in a glass with your fruit of choice!

    For Best Results

    Let fresh, clean tap water infuse in your Coast Copper Pure Copper Bottle for a few hours, or overnight. Enjoy fresh Copper water upon rising, and throughout the day.

      How to Clean your Coast Copper Water Bottle:

      Use mild or no detergent on the inside, with warm water. Rinse thoroughly, and allow to dry before cupboard storage or long periods without use.

      Copper can naturally develop a beautiful tarnish over time, both inside and outside your bottle (this is another characteristic of a Pure Copper Bottle). This change in appearance does not change the effectiveness of your Coast Copper Water Bottle. If you prefer to restore the natural shine, you can with a few easy options.

      • Lemon! Cut a lemon in half, and rub the cut side over all over your bottle until you no longer see the patina. Rinse, and dry.
      • Tamarind Paste! Fans of Pad Thai or Chutney may already have this in their fridge. Rub the paste over the bottle with a clean, dry cloth. Rub until the shine is restored. Rinse, and dry.
      •  Ketchup! Yep. Good ol' French's Tomato Ketchup will do it. Cheap, cheerful and using the same method as the Tamarind paste. Rub over bottle with a clean, dry cloth and voila! Back to new again.