Usage, Care & Cleaning of Copper


Rinse with warm clean tap water and mild or no detergent. Let dry before use. Not suitable for machine dishwashers and not microwave safe.
Clean, fresh tap water is the best in your bottle! Coast Copper Water Bottles ARE NOT SUITABLE AND NOT SAFE FOR HOT LIQUIDS! 

    For Best Results

    Let fresh, clean tap water infuse in your Coast Copper Pure Copper Bottle for a few hours, or overnight. Enjoy fresh Copper water upon rising, and throughout the day.

      How to Clean your Coast Copper Water Bottle:

      Use mild or no detergent on the inside, with warm water. Rinse thoroughly, and allow to dry before cupboard storage or long periods without use.

      Copper can naturally develop a beautiful patina over time. This change in appearance does not change the effectiveness of your Coast Copper Water Bottle. If you prefer to restore the natural shine, you can with a few easy options.

      • Lemon! Cut a lemon in half, and rub the cut side over all over your bottle until you no longer see the patina. Rinse, and dry.
      • Tamarind Paste! Fans of Pad Thai or Chutney may already have this in their fridge. Rub the paste over the bottle with a clean, dry cloth. Rub until the shine is restored. Rinse, and dry.
      •  Ketchup! Yep. Good ol' French's Tomato Ketchup will do it. Cheap, cheerful and using the same method as the Tamarind paste. Rub over bottle with a clean, dry cloth and voila! Back to new again.